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WASHINGTON — Egyptian President and leader of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammed Morsi, spoke to his beleaguered country last Wednesday.

Opposition rally over Morsi decreesReuters reports that in his speech, Morsi offered few apologies but went on his usual tirade against unspecified “enemies of Egypt”. Little did he mention how his current policies continue to drag the Egyptian economy lower and lower each day and to repress and imprison democratic activist bloggers.

He tried to save face for his supporters, but little by little, a second revolution looks likely in Egypt.

He blamed politics and strong opposition for his struggles as their president, saying, “political polarization and conflict has reached a stage that threatens our nascent democratic experience and threatens to put the whole nation in a state of paralysis and chaos”.

He blasted his political foes and said, “The enemies of Egypt have not spared effort in trying to sabotage the democratic experience”.

The Islamist Muslim Brotherhood looks to blame others for their struggles as frustrations and protests mount against the Islamist government. Copt Christians are afraid of their way of life, which was partially protected under the previous dictator Hosni Mubarak. Sectarian violence has increased and the economy is at a standstill.

Morsi tried to grab more power through an executive edict, acting as the Egyptian president last year. It led to widespread riots and protests. His attempt to circumvent the judiciary was a failure and he backtracked his statement.

The International Monetary Fund predicted that Egypt will undergo another revolution, which seems more likely as the days go on.

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