Accuracy in Media

WASHINGTON — The Egyptian security forces moved in to disperse and remove Muslim Brotherhood protest camps and were met with violent resistance.

Reuters reports that hundreds, if not thousands, of Muslim Brotherhood supporters were killed in addition to security personnel.

The Islamist Muslim Brotherhood supporters who were camping in public squares to protest the interim government and the military’s removal of their leader, Mohammed Morsi. This escalating violence, which included the burning of a government building in the capital city and widespread riots throughout the country, worries the West.

Morsi was deposed by the military after millions of Egyptians protested his presidency and poor policies. He was replaced by a liberal interim government, with figures such as former U.N. nuclear agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei.

ElBaradei has since resigned as a result of the violence, riots and protests.

U.S. President Barack Obama interrupted his vacation in the rich Massachusetts island Martha’s Vineyard to cancel joint American and Egyptian exercises and called for peace.

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