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Egyptian Police Clashes with Protesters

WASHINGTON — Violent clashes broke out in northern Egypt in the historic city of Alexandria this past week. Two people were killed.

egyptian riots post morsi [1]Reuters reported [2] that the police and pro-Islamist Muslim Brotherhood protesters clashed several times, with the Alexandria clash being the latest.

Violence has rocked the formerly stable nation after the Egyptian army removed the democratically-elected Islamist government led by the Muslim Brotherhood political party. Their president, Mohammed Morsi, oversaw a declining economy and made several significant missteps to isolate him and his party from moderates and secularists.

Morsi and other Muslim Brotherhood figures are standing trial [3] on a litany of charges such as inciting violence, murder and treason.

The Egyptian government, installed by the military, recently banned the Muslim Brotherhood [4] and the courts upheld that ban. Dozens of members of the banned organization are in prison, awaiting charges [5] and the ire of the people and the courts.