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WASHINGTON — The Egyptian military is moving to silence the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood and trying to stabilize the country after protests made others wary of their situation.

egypt arrests leaderReuters reports that the interim Egyptian government is detaining the group’s general guide, Mohamed Badie, in addition to other party leaders. Two weeks ago, they ordered the arrest for at least 7 leading figures in the Islamist party.

The Muslim Brotherhood protests focused on how the military dethroned their president Mohammed Morsi, who is still in government custody.

Security forces went in and broke up protest camps set up by the Islamists and bloodshed ensued. 900 people were killed, with about 100 police and soldiers, while the country was put under curfew. The international news media focused on how brutal the military and security forces were, but not how the past policies of the Muslim Brotherhood government have almost bankrupted Egypt.

The country is pleading to receive substantial funding from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and had suffered diesel gas shortages, among other issues.

Europe and the U.S. came to the side of the Islamists and condemned the crackdown efforts, ignoring the Muslim Brotherhood’s divisive and repressive policies under Morsi. They also forgot that millions flooded the streets prior to Morsi’s exit as the Egyptian president by way of a military intervention.

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