Accuracy in Media

WASHINGTON — The violent clearing-out of Muslim Brotherhood camps has reached a fever pitch and international clamor, which has led to a high-ranking official to resign from the interim government.

mohamed elbaradeiReuters reports that Mohamed ElBaradei, the interim vice president, resigned from his post Wednesday after the news of the violence continues to make news.

The camps were started as a result of the coup that toppled Islamist Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi and there were nightly vigils calling for Morsi’s release from army custody. The army, which had led to coup that toppled Morsi, refuses to release Morsi.

The military and security forces saw the camps as a disturbance and went to clear them out, and violence ensued as protesters and security fought each other and gunfire were exchanged.

The mainstream media insists the military started the violence, when the Muslim Brotherhood’s short rule over Egypt showed how violent they were and are prolonging the current chaos.

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