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WASHINGTON — People are wary of Egypt now that the current Egyptian government is planning to break up the constant vigils of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters.

morsi vigilReuters reports that the vigils have been ongoing and have been a nuisance to the new government. There have been violent protests in the meantime in Egypt.

The Islamist Muslim Brotherhood have been holding vigils to call for Morsi’s release from military custody, protesting the series of arrest warrants for senior leaders and as a reminder to the military of their presence.

Yet the media is taking the side of the Muslim Brotherhood in reporting violent repression tactics by security and military forces, and ignoring the past abuses by the Muslim Brotherhood while in power. Some examples are imprisoning bloggers and Morsi’s grab for power. Al Jazeera complained the new government is intimidating them after the government accused them of inciting violence and being biased against them.

The U.S., led by President Barack Obama, has flip-flopped on providing F-16 jets to the Muslim Brotherhood government then refusing to provide them to the interim government. Obama also said that the U.S. is not aligned with any Egyptian “faction”.

The Egyptian military, disgusted with the policies of Islamist Mohammed Morsi, deposed him after giving him a 48-hour ultimatum to reconcile his differences with millions of pro-democracy protesters that shook the country. Morsi was elected Egypt’s president a short time ago and whose policies involved negating the independent judiciary and imposing curfews.

The Egyptian military soon turned the power of governance to an appointed interim government, with a six-month timetable until a new set of elections were to take place.

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