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WASHINGTON — The Muslim Brotherhood, now officially out of power, lost a court ruling that had banned the organization and Islamist movement.

morsi posterReuters reported that the Cairo Urgent Cases courts reiterated and upheld the September ruling that banned the Islamist party and movement from politics.

The Islamist Muslim Brotherhood was elected and its leader, Mohammed Morsi, became president. His divisive and inept policies led to widespread protests in Egypt and culminated in one of the largest protests in Egyptian history. Millions of Egyptians marched on the capital city of Cairo to protest Morsi, after which the army removed Morsi from power, declared emergency law and installed an interim government for six months.

Muslim Brotherhood operatives have warrants out for their arrest (yet some have been arrested)  for inciting violence after the coup. Morsi is now on trial for inciting violence, among other significant charges.

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