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WASHINGTON — An Egyptian court banned any activities conducted by the Muslim Brotherhood, in a not-so-stunning decision earlier today. The Muslim Brotherhood at one point was in charge of Egypt, but has since been deposed by the Egyptian military and an interim government has been put into place in its stead.

Protesters, who are against Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi, hold a poster featuring the head of Egypt's armed forces General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, in Tahrir Square in CairoReuters reported that the court banned any activities, ordered the seizure of the organization’s funds and essentially expanded the military and government’s campaign to root out the Muslim Brotherhood.

This comes at a time where Islamists are waging a war against the new government and the military, where gunmen have attacked Egyptian military personnel north of Cairo (which was highly unusual as non-Cairo areas except for Sinai are not historic Islamist strongholds).

The Islamist Muslim Brotherhood had almost ruined the country of Egypt, overseeing an increasingly-worse economy, lawlessness and pushing through pro-Islamist laws on a country of different religions. For example, Coptic Christians worried about their future in an Islamist Egypt, after the Muslim Brotherhood-dominated parliament passed Islamist laws. Riots broke out in several cities and the Muslim Brotherhood-led government could not control them.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s leader and Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi declared that his laws could not be overruled by the courts, which upset both the courts and judges as well as the Egyptian people. This and other factors eventually led to widespread protests of millions of Egyptians that encouraged the military to oust Morsi and install a temporary interim government for the next six months when elections will be held.

Morsi is now on trial for inciting violent crimes among other charges.

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