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WASHINGTON — One of the most prominent Egyptian blogger is now being imprisoned with new charges. Reuters reports that he was charged $720 bail and was about to leave prison until the new charges appeared.

Egyptian activist Ahmed Douma stands behind bars during his trial at the New Cairo court, on the outskirts of CairoAhmed Douma was sentenced to six months in jail for insulting Muslim Brotherhood leader and current Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi. Instead of walking away, he is facing time behind bars.

Now democracy activists are angry at Morsi for using the same practices as his predecessor, Hosni Mubarak, in the past several decades. Douma’s supporters called for a demonstration in front of the High Court to try to call for Douma’s release.

Douma’s lawyer said, “It is clear that there is an attack against Ahmed Douma, especially … They want to send a message to all the youth of the revolution through him”.

Egypt continues to be unstable as elections approach this year. They are petitioning the International Monetary Fund for a significant loan in the billions to offset current economic woes and some fear another revolution is in the works. Mohammed Morsi has attempted to circumvent the courts with a power-grabbing edict and his Muslim Brotherhood party has received public support from Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

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