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WASHINGTON — During the chaos that is running rampant in Egypt, it seems that their former dictator will be set free from prison.

Hosni MubarakReuters reports that Hosni Mubarak will be cleared of corruption charges and will be freed from jail.

Mubarak was the longtime Egyptian president that was overthrown in the Egyptian protests in 2011. He was imprisoned on charges of corruption, being complicit in the murder of protesters by security forces and other similar charges. The 85-year-old has struggled with health issues the past several years, but his imprisonment depends on the corruption charges.

His lawyer, Fareed el-Deeb, said the matter surrounding Mubarak’s corruption charges will be cleared up and he’ll be free from prison sometime this week. But, this does not mean he will avoid prison altogether as a re-trial is an option.

His successor, Mohammed Morsi, is being detained in an undisclosed location by the Egyptian military after the military deposed him from power. His policies  had upset the military and millions of Egyptians that marched on Cairo to protest his heavy-handed and Islamist policies.

Now, his Muslim Brotherhood supporters are rioting in the streets and causing havoc and chaos, which has the Obama administration (again) reconsidering its position on Egypt. European countries have criticized the Egyptian military and their new interim government for allowing protests to escalate to widespread violence.

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