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WASHINGTON — As the media spars over how to label the recent wave of protests and military intervention in politics, Egyptian’s interim leaders are planning for parliamentary elections to take place in February and presidential election the week after.

egypt unrestReuters reports that this six-month plan was unveiled and could help stabilize the country, after suffering tremendous amounts of violence, protests, and demonstrations this past week.

The Egyptian military intervened on behalf of the anti-Muslim Brotherhood protesters, who numbered in the millions, and deposed Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi. Morsi had defied the military after the military issued a 48-hour warning for both sides to reconcile.

Morsi has been placed in custody and sparked widespread riots and violence, killing dozens of Egyptians. Some have called this a military coup, others a democratic revolution.

The military continues to decide who to choose as the interim president and have been going back-and-forth with their choices, as the Islamists rejected several of their choices.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration has not made a definitive decision and continues to stand on the sideline as violence rages.

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