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WASHINGTON — Mohammed Morsi’s fall from power has been well-documented by the international news media and by politicians. Now, he is on trial at the behest of the civilian, military-appointed interim government.

morsi posterReuters reported that the government has charged Morsi with inciting murder and violence as they are cracking down on his Muslim Brotherhood party and supporters. 14 other Muslim Brotherhood members are also being tried for similar charges.

Millions of Egyptians flooded the streets to protest the Muslim Brotherhood and their divisive policies and politics, ranging from imprisoning pro-democracy bloggers, putting a decree to negate the checks-and-balances power of the judiciary and poor economic situation.

The Egyptian parliament, which was dissolved by the Egyptian military when the takeover took place, is no longer pro-Islamist. It now has 60 days to review amendments to reverse the trend of pro-Islamist policies and a pro-Islamist constitution enacted by the Muslim Brotherhood-led government.

U.S. President Barack Obama had waffled on his support for the new interim government and Egyptian military, saying that he will not align the U.S. with any Egyptian “faction”. Also, he planned to send U.S. jets to the Morsi government then revoked it when the interim government came to power. Now the U.S. and the European Union are calling for Morsi’s release from incarceration.

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