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Doctors and Hospitals Predict ObamaCare Confusion

WASHINGTON — This is not good news by any stretch of the imagination. Reports are coming out and detail how doctors and hospitals are “braced for confusion and administrative hassles” under ObamaCare.

obamacare rose garden [1]Reuters reported [2] that the over 1.1 million Americans who enrolled in the law’s health care exchanges and Medicaid programs will overwhelm doctors and hospitals, who may spend countless man hours trying to work out the mass confusion.

Yet, Reuters neglected to mention how over 4 million Americans have seen their private insurance canceled and premiums soar, as the website MyCancelation.com documents.

Also, the Obama administration received a blow of sorts when U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor delayed the contraception mandate part of the law, which forced Catholic organizations and other religious organizations to go against their religious beliefs.

Democrats have even called Obama out on his health care law, with liberal filmmaker Michael Moore calling it “awful [3]” and MSNBC host Chris Matthews saying that Obama was the biggest political loser [4] of the past year.