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Dissident and Opposition Groups afraid of NSA surveillance sharing

WASHINGTON — One of the ramifications of the exposure of U.S. government surveillance of American citizens in the U.S. is worrying Asian dissident and opposition groups, who fear that the Americans will share their information with their repressive governments.

nsa room [1]Reuters reports [2] that many of these groups and parties are supported by the U.S. and are wary of the Americans monitoring their phone calls and e-mails.

In the words of Malaysian opposition group Democratic Action Party,¬†“We share a lot of sensitive data, election-related data, using Google¬†Docs”, said member of parliament Ong Kian Ming.

“That’s definitely something we are concerned about because we don’t know what kind of messages are being tracked and who these messages would be given to.”

Although there is no confirmation that the U.S. government has shared this surveillance information with its allied governments, it is a possibility. British sources have revealed that NSA information has been handed over to the British government as a result of their surveillance efforts.