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Disgraced Chinese Politician: I was Framed!

WASHINGTON — The long-awaited trial of a disgraced Chinese communist party official started with fireworks, in what is to be the most notorious corruption trial of a party official in recent years.

bo xilai [1]Reuters reports [2] that Bo Xilai, who was on track to become one of the top leaders in China, proclaimed his innocence and that he was framed for his alleged crimes.

Bo, who is 64 years old, denied that he was guilty of bribery charges and said he only agreed to them under intense psychological pressure during interrogation. He was the top party official in the southwestern Chinese city of Chongqing and supposedly took in about $4.4 million in bribes in addition to corruption and abuses of power.

His wife, Gu Kailai [3], is charged with the murder [4] of a British businessman Neil Hayward, and is being sued for damages [5] by Heyward’s widow, who is a Chinese national.