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WASHINGTON — The South has officially gone red for the Republicans, and it may not change anytime soon. Now, the Democratic Party is in shambles in the South, having lost several senatorial races during this last midterm cycle.

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List of the casualties of this GOP wave in the South, which many attribute to the Democrats’ support of ObamaCare (with half of the pro-ObamaCare senators now out of office):

  • Kay Hagan, North Carolina (served since 2009)
  • Mark Pryor, Arkansas (served since 2003)
  • Mary Landrieu, Louisiana (served since 1997) and she lost a seat that had been in Democratic hands for 132 years (as wrote).

Liberals have attempted to paint this loss as unimportant, with one Daily Beast writer saying “it’s time to dump” the South anyways.

Now the GOP holds a 54-46 majority in the Senate and already had a majority in the House, which could make President Obama a lame duck president. This does not count the state legislature majorities, where the GOP is a majority in 68 out of 98 legislative chambers.

Despite any talk to the contrary by the liberal media, this was a GOP wave.

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