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mao zedong

WASHINGTON — Reuters ran an article detailing how longtime communist leader Mao Zedong is still revered in the countryside, hailing him and the worshipful practices of the rural Chinese.

Reuters reported that Mao Zedong is still revered in the rural parts of the country.

The story started with the following paragraph:

In a remote part of China, the day starts at the Democracy Elementary and Middle School with a pre-dawn jog, some revolutionary songs and then an activity long-since forgotten at other schools: reciting quotations from Mao Zedong’s “Little Red Book”.

The article quoted a local leader, who became an educator after being a farmer, who praised Mao Zedong’s philosophies and mantras.

But, in the bigger picture, China is far from a communist paradise. They may reverse parts of its longtime population control policy, known to the outside world as the “one-child policy” as its population demographics are getting old faster than anticipated. Their economy is struggling and their Communist Party made several political missteps in escalating rhetoric with the U.S., Vietnam, Philippines and Japan.

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