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WASHINGTON — The Obama administration continues to issue waivers and compromises with its allies and this time, made a deal with Congress regarding ObamaCare.

impact of obamacareReuters reports that Congress “wins” ObamaCare waiver to have their staff exempt from rising health care premium costs.

ObamaCare, or the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), was supposed to lower premiums and increase access to doctors. At least, that is what Barack Obama continues to say as he tours the country, but has been debunked by analysts.

The Democrats passed ObamaCare and subjected the country to the new universal health care law, but now three years later has declared itself exempt from the laws. Unions are complaining about the new law and are thinking twice about their initial support. Even IRS’ union, which is in charge of putting the law into place, is opposed to its implementation.

Barack Obama had delayed the implementation of the first wave of ObamaCare, which some say that is unconstitutional and an executive branch overreach to openly defy this law. Even CBS called it a “major setback“.

Now, the Obama administration is sending out “foot soldiers”, as Reuters calls these community organizers, to “enroll the masses” into the health care plan that is highly unpopular among Americans.

But, the rest of the country will suffer. Reports indicate that ObamaCare’s provisions will put small hospitals out of business, in addition to scores of doctors and physicians. Many have already fled Puerto Rico due to rising health care costs to the American mainland.

Some Republicans are considering defunding ObamaCare, but that has tepid support at best.

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