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WASHINGTON — After a serious breach of security at the White House, Congress scolded and criticized U.S. Secret Service officials over their mistakes.

Secret Service Director Pierson testifes on Capitol Hill in WashingtonReuters reported that the security breach, where a knife-wielding intruder infiltrated the White House and got to the East Room (according to some reports), worried lawmakers and citizens alike.

Lawmakers, in a U.S. House of Representatives hearing, called for an independent probe into the agency’s shortcomings. Secret Service Director Julia Pierson said they had failed on the night of the incident on September 19th. She said, “This is unacceptable and I take full responsibility” for the incident. Pierson elaborated, “We are all outraged within the Secret Service at how this incident came to pass. It is self evident mistakes were made.”

The intruder, Omar Gonzalez, jumped the White House fence, ran through the front door and made it into the East Room (a distance of 130 feet). He was stopped by an off-duty Secret Service officer.

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