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WASHINGTON — Chuck Todd, the host of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” interviewed the newly-elected Republican governor Greg Abbott.

greg abbott on mtp

RealClearPolitics posted the video of the “Meet the Press” interview with the Texas governor, who soundly beat Democrat Wendy Davis this past Election Day.

In it, Todd played a clip from George W. Bush on helping illegal immigrants while not hurting legal immigrants and their application statuses, then asked Abbott if he agreed with Bush.

Abbott responded, and schooled Todd in the process about constitutional law and the executive branch:

“Well, in a way I understand this even more powerfully because my wife is going to be the first Hispanic first lady in the history of Texas. And Texas has had a long tradition of uniting the Hispanic culture with Texas values. But remember this, there is a reason why people come from across the world to the United States and that is because of the power of what the Constitution has enabled this country to be.”

“It’s the Constitution itself that is under assault by the president of the United States by this executive order. Chuck, what we are doing is this issue and this lawsuit is not about immigration. The issue in this lawsuit is about abuse of executive power. And if this abuse is not stopped it will erode the constitution that has attracted so many people to this country for generations.”

Maybe next time, Chuck Todd.

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