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WASHINGTON — In one of the more reasonable segments for Chris Matthews, he asked whether the University of Virginia (UVa) fraternity rape case will be close to the Duke lacrosse rape scandal. The Duke scandal was proven to be false due to the accuser’s inconsistent account and other issues, while the UVa case has fallen apart.

chris matthews rolling stone

RealClearPolitics posted the video of the brief exchange on his show and a transcript of his remarks. In the segment, Matthews asked a good question about the comparison between the Duke men’s lacrosse case and the UVa/Rolling Stone rape accusation story.

Matthews said:

“Let’s go to the real criticism. It’s cultural. When I heard about the Duke case, with the African-American woman who was brought in as a stripper, which you can certainly question morally right up front and socially. Why are we doing that in America today, a bunch of white guys with a black woman taking her clothes off for entertainment. But then the accusation of rape there. And everybody said that sounds about right, these guys are schmucks, this makes sense. Entitled rich kids that go to that school, Duke. And it turns out that they were innocent of the charge. So is this going to be seen as an echo of that — if they’re not innocent of the charge?”

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