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China’s One-Child Policy is Relaxed: Is it Too Little, Too Late?

WASHINGTON — The major news over the weekend was how China, the communist-run one-party state, has relaxed rules on their stringent one-child policy.

china one child policy [1]News outlets like BBC reported [2] that the rules will allow for Chinese families to have two children if one of the parents is an only child, but it is still a very narrow relaxation of the longtime rule of single-child families.

The rule had varied in certain places and for some ethnic minorities, such as both parents have to be only children to have a second child and rural, farming families can have two children if the first is a girl. If a family does not meet these requirements, then they are fined by the government. But, most of the news reports omit how family planning efforts like these have almost destroyed the societal demographics.

Yet somehow, central government-approved family planning is a major part of the United Nations’ push for population control. The U.N.’s family planning arm operates in China, and called family planning a “universal human right [3].” Now we see the fruits of centrally-planned laws and restrictions.

As some people warned for decades, China is seeing a boom in the elderly as the effect of an outdated, four-decade-old policy that had actually depleted population growth extensively.

Here’s one of the most interesting tidbits from the BBC article:

“By the end of the decade, demographers say China will have 24 million “leftover men” who, because of China’s gender imbalance, will not be able to find a wife.

Most of the elderly in China are still cared for by relatives, and only children from single-child parents face what is known as the 4-2-1 phenomenon.

When the child reaches working age, he or she could have to care for two parents and four grandparents in retirement.”