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China’s 1st Aircraft Carrier conducts first drills

WASHINGTON — China’s first aircraft carrier has now completed a series of tests while training in the contested South China Sea region. The aircraft carrier has returned to port at the completion of the drills.

china navy [1]Reuters reported [2] that these drills took place off the coast of Hainan Island and was the first time that China’s navy deployed a strike group of escort ships, which mirrored American naval strategy.

China, even with its diminishing young demographic [3], is trying to flex its muscle in the region by growing its navy. Their unilateral policies of claiming islands and trying to intimidate [4] other regional neighbors has made Australia, South Korea, Japan and the Philippines restless.

Japan and China are embroiled in a dispute [5] over the Senkaku, or what the Chinese call Diaoyu, island chain. Vietnam, Philippines and China, in addition to several other countries, are also disputing claims in the South China Sea [6].