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WASHINGTON — Two top Chinese newspapers accuse Japan of being too aggressive in recent months, especially the policies dictated by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

shinzo abe with flagReuters reports that The People’s Liberation Army Daily and People’s Daily said that Abe and Japan are treading dangerous waters.

It does not help that a Japanese politician in May angered the Chinese over a his remarks of Japan’s war crimes during World War Two.

Japan has warned China of not expanding their gas exploration efforts in the East and South China Sea, where Japan has territory and therefore sovereignty in occupying the disputed Senkaku islands (the Chinese call it the Diaoyu islands). Japan has since allied itself with Russia in recent months.

The Chinese media has also overlooked how the Chinese navy had made an aggressive overture this past February by using active radar on a Japanese ship.

Abe is trying to reform the country’s constitution, which was written by the U.S. after the end of World War Two, to allow Japan to have a military. As of now, Japan only has a self-defense force.

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