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WASHINGTON – Chinese hackers apparently broke into secure U.S. weapons manufacturers and compromised several U.S. weapons system designs. Australia’s new spy headquarters also had its blueprint plans stolen.

china flagHow embarrassing. Especially after a White House adviser calling for closer military ties with China.

According to Reuters, the cybersecurity breach included the theft of plans for combat aircraft, ships and missile defenses for Europe, Asia and the Gulf region. The advanced Patriot missile system, Navy’s Aegis ballistic missile defense systems, the F/A-18 fighter jet, V-22 Osprey, Black Hawk helicopter and the newer F-35 Joint Strike Fighter were specifically compromised.

Although the details about this cyber-theft are spotty and vague, it presents the U.S. government with a conundrum? Continue to pay lip service to China? Or continue to toe the party line and appease China?

The Washington Post broke the news Tuesday morning and said this could easily allow China to launch an effective and possibly debilitating first strike on American installations.

The U.S. has accused China of cyber-espionage, something that the Chinese continue to refute and deny. The Pentagon and other American companies accuse the country of stealing its secrets and using it without abandon, thus violating international law.

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