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China Losing Touch with Chairman Mao?

WASHINGTON — Is China losing touch and adoration for their dead modern leader, Mao Zedong? The media has raised this possibility in their coverage of the country’s observance of Mao’s birth 120 years ago.

mao zedong [1]Reuters reported [2] that festivities and celebrations will be much more muted than in years past under the new leadership of President Xi Jinping.

It is the 120th anniversary of Mao Zedong’s birthday, but his status within Chinese society has waned in recent years. Communists and socialists alike do not like the broad, liberal economic reforms of the new president, Xi Jinping. But, though there are economic reforms in place in China, the government’s continued repression [3] of its people has been well-documented [4] and has not changed.

The country’s one-child policy [5] has led to a potential demographics bust in the next decade, where the majority of Chinese workers will be retiring sooner rather than later. The government nearly revoked the ban on those in the cities (two children are allowed in the rural areas), but reconsidered it after it received significant international attention.

The country’s economic outlook does not look very bright either [6], and it could lead to further economic repercussions for the world economy.