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WASHINGTON — Under China’s new anti-rumor spreading laws, the communist Chinese government is holding two bloggers for violations of that law.

china internet cafeReuters reported that a cartoonist and a blogger are now in government custody for violating the online “rumor mongering” law. It is an attempt by the Chinese communist government to eliminate the spreading of rumors, which the communists consider an endangerment to the people.

Hundreds of Chinese citizens have been detained by their government under these charges and Reuters said most of them have been released. But, the fact remains that this is an overhanded law in effect to restrict freedom of speech against a repressive communist regime.

Dong Rubin, age 51, runs an Internet consulting company and was arrested on the charge of “suspicion of falsely declaring the capital in his company’s registration”, announced the state-run communist news agency Xinhua. The agency also said that Dong was suspected of running illegal business operations and “creating disturbances”.

Cartoonist Wang Liming was arrested at midnight in his home in Beijing this past Wednesday and has not been released. His arrest stemmed over his blog post about a stranded mother holding her baby, who starved to death, in the flood-hit city of Yuyao.

With President Barack Obama’s latest insult and possible threat hurled at bloggers, defamation and rumor-spreading could become a norm in the U.S.

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