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WASHINGTON — China’s censorship practices took a slight blow in a New York City court this past week. Reuters reports that this lawsuit, which some thought to be dead on arrival, has gained new life.

china flagAIM reported on this case and initially it looked like Baidu and China had won. But, Pro-democracy activists were allowed to continue their lawsuit against China and the Chinese company Baidu by a New York City District Judge Jesse Furman.

China and Baidu argued that serving this lawsuit would violate international law, which Furman dismissed.¬†Furman said that the case can continue without infringing on China’s sovereign protections, which is guaranteed by international law known as the Hague Convention. It is a multilateral treaty that makes it much easier to serve court papers across international boundaries.

Activists contend that Baidu and China censored and suppressed their political speech from Baidu’s search engine, which is the most widely used in the country.

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