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WASHINGTON — According to recent reports by Reuters, more than 60 people were killed in a series of car bombs across Iraq. Shi’a Muslims were targeted and this recent spike in sectarian violence worries Iraqi politicians and other analysts.

iraq car bombingsThe past week has seen at least 200 people killed in sectarian violence and the tensions between the ruling Shi’a Muslims and the minority Sunnis is at an all-time high.

Ever since the U.S. withdrew from Iraq, violence between Sunnis and Shi’a’s are at an all-time high. At any moment it seems a widespread civil war may break out, if it hasn’t already.

Even Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called for peace during these tense and violent times.

No one claimed responsibility for the bombings, but Iraq is now a home for Sunni Muslim terrorist groups like the al-Qaeda affiliate Islamic State of Iraq. The latter has entered into an alliance with the Syrian al-Qaeda branch al-Nusri Front in the Syrian civil war.

This continues the spike in violence over the past year as al-Qaeda and other groups are trying to escalate the violence and tensions between the Muslim groups. Car bombs went off in Basra and parts of Baghdad, in heavily Shi’a areas.

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