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Car Bombs Rock Iraq, kill up to 60

WASHINGTON — An immense series of car bombs killed at least 60 people in Shi’a Muslim areas and threatens to further destabilize [1] the fractured country.

iraq car bombings [2]Reuters reports [3] that 17 car bomb blasts rocked the country and appear to be a massive coordinate effort. It is a signature tactic [4] of Iraq’s al-Qaeda branch, which is trying to send the country into a prolonged civil war.

Iraq is run by Shi’a Muslims and the conflict is supposedly rose as the Syrian civil war is raging across the Iraq-Syria border. Shi’a are in the majority and the Sunnis are a minority. It also does not help that dictator Saddam Hussein, who was deposed by the U.S., was Sunni and catered to his fellow Sunnis during his reign.

At least 4,000 people have been killed since the start of 2013 and it could rise even more.