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WASHINGTON — Press conference after press conference and pivot after pivot, Barack Obama’s dream of efficient clean, green and solar energy is getting another shot in California.

obama and solar powerReuters reports that California is planning to “bottle sunlight” in its next clean energy effort.

Democratic Governor Jerry Brown told the audience at San Francisco’s Intersolar conference, “We can’t just rely on sunlight…we’ve got to bottle the sunlight.” This flies in the face of recent bankruptcies and failures of solar panel distributors and producers like Solyndra, which cost American taxpayers millions of dollars to subsidize.

California is seeing investors line up in this latest venture such as Bill Gates, General Electric Co. and LG Chem. But, even these companies and high-profile figures have ignored the signs of a dangerous and volatile industry. Even China, which subsidized its solar panel industry, has cut back on subsidies and the industry has collapsed under its own weight.

Peru is also facing its own clean energy bubble burst, yet that goes unreported in the liberal mainstream media.

Yet Obama continues to block the Keystone XL pipeline, which could help alleviate energy problems in the U.S. and help stem unemployment and slow economic growth.

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