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British PM to rule coalition until 2015, reports say

WASHINGTON — The European Union’s most skeptical member, the United Kingdom, is facing inner turmoil at the top. Current Prime Minister David Cameron of the Conservative Party is going to lead the coalition until 2015, sources at Reuters [1] say.

david cameron [2]Cameron’s spokesman said that Cameron is committed to governing the country as a part of the current two-party coalition until national elections in 2015. Cameron sparked controversy when he mentioned that the alliance may break up.

Recent political divides led to Cameron’s remarks, with the Conservatives led by Cameron disagreeing with the Liberal Democrats over issues like Britain’s place in the EU. Cameron has been Prime Minister since 2010.

Britain is facing the music, with the picture of a bleak EU future.The minority party Independence Party won a local election [3] this year in March, embarrassing Cameron and his Conservatives. The party is pushing for Britain to separate itself from the EU.

Germany cannot keep Europe afloat any longer, reports indicate [4], and Greece [5], Spain [6], France [7] and Cyprus [8] are threatening to topple the eurozone economy [9] as a whole. There have been significant discussions within Britain over the country’s role in the EU, even with Britain not joining the eurozone and keeping its monetary system intact. The EU is facing 12% unemployment [10] and a high youth unemployment rate, among other economic problems such as diminishing optimism [11] in budget or austerity measures.