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British Health Care System is Underperforming, UK’s Prime Minister admits

WASHINGTON — The shining example of ObamaCare, the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS), is failing their patients.

nhs patients [1]

In a recent public statement, the country’s prime minister David Cameron admitted that the NHS is behind their goals to reduce waiting times in emergency rooms. Now, the typical wait ranges from four hours to eight, or even more than that.

The Guardian, a British newspaper, reported [2] that people cannot get appointments with their practitioner and instead have to go to the emergency room and wait hours before being seen. Even the country’s health secretary admitted he had to go to the emergency room with his child, when he could not get an appointment.

Cameron admitted that 3,000 more patients a day have shown up in emergency rooms, further exacerbating the problems facing NHS. Another issue is how at least one-in-five NHS patients are treated in hallways since rooms are overcrowded, reported the British newspaper The Telegraph [3] back in 2012.