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WASHINGTON — After British Prime Minister David Cameron, a Conservative Tory, publicly said he will stay on until 2015 as the country’s leader, the opposition Labour Party is jumping on the news. Reuters reports that the Labour Party adamantly believes it can unseat Cameron before his self-appointed timetable.

Labour Party Ed BallsThe Labour Party, which is the opposition party for the first time since Margaret Thatcher’s leadership during the Cold War, is trying to divide the Conservative Tories even more. The main issue that is fragmenting the Conservatives is Britain’s membership in the European Union (EU).

The Labour Party believes that this will be a non-issue by 2015 and that EU membership concerns will tear the coalition government apart. This, and the right-wing and anti-EU Independence Party’s sudden emergence in local elections in May, could spell the end of the Conservative coalition government.

Ed Balls, a leading Labour Party politician, added more fuel to the fire by suggesting that this internal fight will topple Cameron before 2015, but that is yet to be seen.

The EU is struggling financially with several bailouts and the like occurring within the past two years, and it may not be financially solvent if other EU nations cannot control their finances. Among some of the big financial news?

France is struggling and is being forced to make cuts, Europeans are sick of budget cuts, Germany cannot hold off EU insolvency forever and Spain, Greece, Cyprus and Italy are barely surviving the financial crisis.

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