Accuracy in Media

WASHINGTON — The British parliament is now asking its leaders over the specifics of British involvement in the escalating civil war in Syria.

To match Insight SYRIA/ASSADReuters reports that the British parliament’s Committees on Arms Export Controls released a report that highlighted the hypocrisy of the British government over the “inherent conflict” between arms exports policy and human rights policy.

Britain approved licenses for weapons exports to 27 countries that are worth up to 12.3 billion pounds (or $18.6 million) and the committee said that the government should “apply significantly more cautious judgments” when mulling over policy decisions.

Some of the exports involve parts for bullet-proof vehicles and underwater listening devices for Syria, encryption devices or software en route to Iran.

The report’s findings were shocking to some because Britain is trading with countries that it had flagged for human rights abuses, which does not exactly correspond with their human rights policy.

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