Accuracy in Media

WASHINGTON — Spain is complaining about the British’s sovereignty over their territory of Gibraltar, with some Spaniards complaining that it inhibits their fishing industry and others claiming this is a sideshow by a desperate and beleaguered Spanish government.

gibraltarReuters reports that the British will not enter talks with Spain over Gibraltar, which the British has held for the past 300 years.

Spain proposed to meet one-on-one and discuss sovereignty of the British territory, with their Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia Margallo pleading via the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal. The spokeswoman for the British Prime Minister David Cameron said there will be no talks. If there were talks, conceded the British, it would be over negotiating fishing rights but not control of fishing in the area.

The British built an artificial reef using concrete blocks, which the Spanish says it restricts access for their fishermen. The European Union pledged to send a mission to get the facts straight.

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