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WASHINGTON — Soon after the Obama administration admitted it spied on Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, Brazil is threatening to impose severe restrictions on American-based Internet companies.

dilma rousseff facepalmReuters reported that Facebook, Twitter and Google will be directly affected by these restrictions and in response, Facebook offered some social media tips.

Facebook’s global manager of politics and and government engagement, Katie Harbath, spent four days in the Brazilian capital of Brasilia and instructed politicians on how to maximize Facebook ‘likes’ and to win more ‘friends’ on the social networking website.

Brazil is gearing up for a 2014 general election and is looking at passing a law that forces internet companies to store information about their Brazilian users in the country. The lower house of the Brazilian congress will vote on it tomorrow (Wednesday).

Internet companies complain it will drive up costs and will further complicate matters for the companies. It is a problem because Facebook, for example, has over 76 million users. Social media has received significant attention in the country because Twitter was a major social media engine that drove widespread anti-government protests earlier this year.

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