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Brazil President promises Reform; protests continue

WASHINGTON — Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff promised to meet with protesters to go over their concerns, after widespread protests shook the country and threatened the opportunity for Brazil to hold a World Cup next year.

rousseff [1]Reuters reports [2] that Rousseff, a former guerrilla and anti-government activist, said that she will try to understand the concerns of the protesters and to maintain order after vandalism and looting hit Brazil’s streets.

The protests come as the country is hosting a soccer tournament, known as the Confederation Cup. The protests numbered up to 1 million at one point and prevented traffic from entering or exiting one of the world’s busiest airports in Sao Paulo.

Their main concerns are government corruption, poor public transport and the poverty that faces Brazil’s poor.

Rousseff has not avoided controversy before, such as when Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez died and she attended his funeral [3] then returned to Brazil, trying to distance herself from Chavez and his extreme socialism.