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WASHINGTON — Maybe Brazil’s doctor plan could help the unemployed in Spain and Portugal. To deal with rising tension within Brazil, the Brazilian government has decided to hire doctors to provide health care to the poor.

brazil doctorsReuters reports the Brazilian government first considered using Cuban doctors and hiring them, until Brazilian medical associations loudly objected due to credibility and training concerns.

Some said that Cuban doctors receive medical training equivalent to a nurse in Brazil.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff originally considered hiring 6,000 Cuban doctors until widespread opposition to her plan nixed it. Cuban doctors had been contracted to work in Venezuela under the Hugo Chavez regime in exchange for cheap oil.

That will not be the case in Brazil.

Now, Brazil is turning to Spain and Portugal to hire doctors and help resolve the complaints of Brazil’s poor. They recently marched in several large cities and obstructed traffic to prove their point about the income inequality gap while the government is readying the country for the upcoming soccer World Cup.

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