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WASHINGTON — Brazil, following the lead of the European Union, started an investigation into the potentially antitrust practices of search engine Google.

google brazilReuters reported that Microsoft and Brazilian rivals accused Google for violations of Brazil’s antitrust laws.

The EU found Google guilty of several violations of antitrust laws such as not presenting their competitors’ results on the search engine pages. Google ended up sending a series of concessions to the EU, but could pay billions in fines.

Google was under fire for its practices and competitors have fired back. China criticized Google for its Android service for dominating and controlling their market, and Great Britain investigated Google for possible tax violations. Also, competitor AT&T planned to upgrade their internet service before Google puts their high-speed Google Fiber into the Austin, Texas market. Microsoft offered free services to their search engine Bing, without ads, in classrooms to get ahead of Google classroom outreach.

Brazil’s government began their investigation with similar accusations like unfair use of rivals’ content, discouraged rival’s advertisers and stacked their results and product listings over their competitors’.

Google said it would cooperate with the Brazilian government.

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