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WASHINGTON — Boeing’s machinist union barely approved a labor contract, with revised parameters and terms, to keep their jobs in the state of Washington. Boeing nearly moved their plant until this more comprehensive vote was taken.

boeing machinistsReuters reported that Boeing would have moved to other states to complete their new 777X jetliner and wings in the Seattle, Washington area.

The vote won 51% to 49% among machinists. Boeing has built aircraft in the area for 90 years and avoided moving their plant to 1 of 22 other states that have offered to host a potentially-new Boeing plant. Although the union workers have to see cuts to their generous union pensions, it is typical compared to the rest of the private sector.

One labor union delegate, Lester Mullen, accused Boeing of holding “a gun to our head” to push the decision to keep the plant in the state. But, the machinists’ jobs were kept in the state after all.

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