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BlackBerry Up For Sale? Most Likely!

WASHINGTON — Canada’s technological pride and joy, BlackBerry (formerly known as Research in Motion or RIM), is thinking of putting itself on the open market.

BlackBerry [1]Reuters reports [2] that BlackBerry could do this sooner rather than later, considering how much trouble the company is facing.

The smartphone market is now flooded and inundated with multiple devices by a variety of companies, headlined by Samsung and their Galaxy series and Apple’s iPhone. BlackBerry had originally pioneered smartphones and e-mail pagers, and now it is in shambles.

BlackBerry even took its vaunted smartphone line off the market [3] for at least a year to reboot it [4] as BlackBerry 10. It also renamed itself after the device and ditched its name RIM for BlackBerry. But, that was not enough to save the struggling company [5].

Their CEO even mentioned how he is open to new changes [6] in order to help BlackBerry regain its once-dominant position in the smartphone market.

Now it might be sold for parts or sold as an entire package, but that remains to be seen.