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WASHINGTON — ObamaCare is getting so much bad publicity and news that Barack Obama is enlisting the help of former U.S. President Bill Clinton to sell it to the American people.

bill clinton obamacareReuters reported that Clinton’s new position is the “secretary of explaining stuff”, according to Obama.

Forbes reported yesterday that health care premiums will jump an average of 24% from the year before ObamaCare is implemented, putting further strain on small businesses and American families.

Polls find that 52% of Americans are not happy with the health care reform law, dubbed ObamaCare because it was rammed through Congress along party lines. It also does not help that the Obama administration is giving waivers and opt-out clauses to their friends, including Congress and their staff. This is giving the Obama administration headaches, in addition to the multiple delays of the law that threaten to expose its flaws and downside.

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