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WASHINGTON — On Fox News’ Fox and Friends show, Dr. Ben Carson gave his thoughts regarding ObamaCare and the recent revelations about Jonathan Gruber’s lies about the health care law that he helped to write.

ben carson on fox and friends

Carson, when asked by Fox and Friends about the Gruber scandal, asked if morality still existed in America after this scandal. Now that we’ve seen “subterfuge,” Carson said, “Let’s re-discuss this and let’s vote again.” When shown a video clip of one of Gruber’s remarks of how racism plays a part in framework of ObamaCare, Carson said, “That’s always the fall-back position…if nothing else is working, let’s call it racism, let’s call it sexism.”

He added, “Let’s hope some Democrats will come out and actually talk about that, talk about what’s true, what’s right.” Carson, referring to political opportunism, said, “It’s one of the reasons I’ve said, I’ll never be a politician. I don’t believe in political expediency. I believe in what’s right and wrong.”

Carson also noted the danger of precedents and the “however you can do it, it’s okay as long as you get it done” mentality among politicians.

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