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WASHINGTON — British researchers from a decade ago are now biting their tongue. They told British parents that measles shots led to autism, but now, there is an outbreak of measles among British children as the Associated Press reports. It seems that socialized medicine has its “benefits”.

british measles outbreakBritish researchers said that at least one million children are at risk for measles because of flawed past research. This year, Britain has 1,200 cases of measles after 2,000 last year. Until the past year, it only had 12 per year. Britain is second to Romania in number of measles cases.

This is the aftermath of the so-called “Wakefield scare”, which refers to Andrew Wakefield and some of his colleagues and a paper they published in 1998. It suggested a link between autism and a combination of childhood disease vaccines for the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR). The majority of scientists and their studies discounted Wakefield’s results and the paper was retracted, yet remained entrenched in British parent’s minds.

Now, Britain is holding emergency vaccination clinics across the country in order to stop the epidemic before it gets worse.

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