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WASHINGTON — ObamaCare is hurting the Democratic Party’s 2014 election chances, some journalists and news agencies lament.

mary landrieuReuters reported that the “chaotic launch” of President Barack Obama’s health care law will most likely negatively affect the party’s chances.

Up to 16 Senate Democrats worry that their will lose re-election chances in 2014 as Republicans are making the controversial health care law a focus of their recent legislative efforts. It is ironic because the majority of these Democrats voted for the law. Now they want to back out of the law and avoid blame at the ballot box.

Jeanne Shaheen, Mark Pryor and Mary Landrieu are some of the Democrats that want to delay the troublesome disaster that is ObamaCare.

Liberals have expressed outrage and disgust over the failures so far such as MSNBC’s Krystal Ball and CNN’s Piers Morgan. Ball said that liberals have to be upset over the law, considering they had time to set it up. Morgan said the Obama administration lied about the law’s effects on American’s health care options and choices.

Yet, all the White House can manage are a denial from spokesman Jay Carney that the website is “poorly functional” and a so-called “tech surge” to save it.

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