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AT&T to limit Data Sharing plans, pay Higher Data Fees

WASHINGTON — AT&T, trying to increase its profit margin, is forcing its customers to only buy Mobile Share plans that require higher data fees and allows data allowances among multiple devices.

at&t phone [1]Reuters reported [2] that the second-leading U.S. mobile operator is eliminating the older plans for incoming and new AT&T customers this October 25th. They said that this streamlining of their offerings is due to the popularity of data-sharing plans.

Current customers can keep their current plans even when upgrading their mobile devices, which is not the policy of their chief rival Verizon Wireless. These recent developments can only help AT&T and Verizon to keep their customer base as more companies are making the wireless industry more competitive.

It also does not help that AT&T is feeling the heat from the fourth-biggest American competitor T-Mobile, which targets itself directly to AT&T in its marketing.