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As war looms, Obama fights for Minimum Wage Increase

WASHINGTON — As U.S. President Barack Obama’s foreign policy struggles with an increasingly belligerent Russia [1], he turns to his domestic agenda of pushing for a higher minimum wage to boost support at home.

Obama speaks about the sequester in Washington [2]Reuters reported [3] that Obama will campaign to raise the federal minimum wage [4] and push states to raise their own minimum wage requirements.

So far, Obama’s domestic agenda has fallen flat. His advocacy for curbing gun purchases [5], which mobilized Second Amendment supporters and gun owners, did not go anywhere after the Sandy Hook and Aurora shootings. Obama’s health care law, the Affordable Care Act or its infamous name “ObamaCare [6],” is facing steep opposition in the U.S. and talks of repeal. Other domestic initiatives such as the BRAIN initiative [7], have not taken off as he had hoped.

Obama will travel to New Bristol, Connecticut to plead with Americans to support an increase in the minimum wage. He will visit with four New England state governors and will push for raising the minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $10.10 an hour.

Business owners and Republicans say that the minimum wage will hurt employers and lead to cutting jobs, which Democrats and Obama deny will happen. However, the Congressional Budget Office said that if a minimum wage increase takes place, it could cause the loss of about 500,000 jobs [8]. Louisiana Republican governor Bobby Jindal had previously said that Obama’s minimum wage push was a “waving the white flag of surrender” as high unemployment and joblessness plague the U.S.