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WASHINGTON — In another pivot to another issue, U.S. President Barack Obama is focusing on college tuition costs.

college grad hire meReuters reports that his plan, announced Thursday, was to rate colleges and universities according to their bang for their buck.

Based on these ratings, the government assigns federal aid to students that need loans and makes up for the difference between tuition and what students can pay. But, this is only masking the problems with higher education, who increase their tuition because of decreasing federal aid. This proposal will act as a subsidy and most likely encourage universities and colleges to obtain the rating that will get them more federal funding.

Obama is struggling, much like the American economy, to find ideas that will stick with the American people and help boost his flagging approval ratings, which range between 41-45% and are the lowest in either of his two terms as president.

College graduates are not finding employment at unprecedented rates and are working in jobs that do not require a college degree. Adding to this, most have crippling student debt. It will most likely take more than just subsidies to resolve this problem for the long-term.

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