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Another Obama Pivot? Shifting to U.S. after Syria Embarrassment

WASHINGTON — After suffering a major embarrassment [1] in foreign policy, U.S. President Barack Obama made indications he will make another pivot back to American domestic affairs.

obama-healthcare-public-option [2]Reuters reported [3] that after Russia bullied Obama [4] over Syria and the United Nations, Obama and his administration is turning their attention back to ObamaCare and the struggling American economy.

He faced increased congressional opposition [5] and opposition from a majority of Americans in several polls to intervene in the two-year-old Syrian civil war. He and his Secretary of State, John Kerry, said that the Syrian government’s supposed use of chemical weapon [6]s against the rebels will not be tolerated internationally and threatened Assad’s regime with action.

Now, they’ve backtracked their remarks and let Russia take control of the situation. The British parliament voted down an opportunity for British intervention, which put Obama back on the fence. France, seeing Obama rattled, also withdrew their initial support [7] of intervention.